Denver Airport Informational Guide to Denver Airport - DEN - NON OFFICIAL

Denver Airport Terminal

Jeppesen Terminal

Denver Airport has a single terminal building, the Jeppesen Terminal, located in landside, which is separated into West and East terminals.

West and East terminals are also known as West Side and East Side, the division has been made in order to make directions easier. Each airline has been assigned West side or East side. 

The Airport has 3 concourses: A, B, C, where gates are located. These concourses are only accessible after leaving the main terminal.


Passengers will find in the West section several airlines, as well as United Airlines. 


In the other section of the Jeppesen Terminal passengers will find Frontier Airlines. 


The main terminal has 6 floors. 

Levels 1–3

Has the lowest levels of the parking garages and the economy lots on both sides of the terminal.

Level 4

Comprises passenger pickup and a short-term and a long-term parking.

Level 5

Arrivals. This level is split into the Domestic and the International Arrivals.

This level is used for parking as well as drop-offs / pick-ups for taxis and shuttles to rental car lots and off-site parking. It also contains the baggage carousels and security checkpoints.

Level 6

Departures and check-in facilities. This level is used for passenger drop-off and check-in counters. From here, there is access to gate areas. 

Note that the check-in facilities are split into the west and east sides or also known as West Terminal and East Terminal. 


DEN Airport has 3 different concourses named A, B, C, where gates are located. (D and E are planned to be built during next years).

Concourse A

It can handle international and domestic flights. Concourse A has 38 gates: A26-A53, A56, A59-65, and A67-68. The equipped gates to handle international flights are: A33, A35, A37, A39, A40-A45 and A47.

Concourse A it is accessible through a pedestrian bridge from the terminal building and also via an underground train system.

Concourse B

Concourse B has 68 Gates: B15-B29, B31-B33, B35-B39, B41-B61, B63-B77 (only odd number gates), and B79–B95.

United Airlines is the only airline that occupies Concourse B. Mainline United flights operate from the main concourse building, whereas United Express operations are handled at the east of the concourse (gates B48-B95), which includes 2 ground-level satellite extensions.

To arrive to Concourse B passengers must take the train. 

Concourse C

Concourse C has 27 Gates: C23–C51. The primary airline at the concourse is Southwest Airlines and only Alaska Airlines uses another gate, C39.

Transfer between concourses

There’s an underground train system that connects all three concourses.

Please note that concourses B and C are only accessible by train.


- Business Centre
- Post office
- Free Wi-F
- Baby care facilities
- Water fountains
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Information desk
- Baggage carts
- Luggage storage and lockers
- Mobile chargers
- ATMs
- Cash machines
- Currency exchange
- Pet hotel
- Pet relief area
- Prayer rooms
- Hotel and Transit Center

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American Airlines Admirals Club: Concourse A. Services: snacks, Wi-Fi, TV, drinks, flights monitors, children’s area, Internet Terminals, printers and copiers, among others. 

Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club: Concourse A. Open from 5:00am to 7:30pm. Services: snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, TV, printers and copiers, among others. 

USO Lounge: Concourse A. Open from 5:00am to 10:00pm. Services: premium food, Wi-Fi, children’s area, snacks, TV, Internet Terminals.

United Club fly: Concourse B. Open from first departure until last departure of the day. Services: premium food and snacks. 

United Airlines United Club (Gate B32): Concourse B. Services: snacks, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, TV, Internet Terminals, telephones, etc. 

United Airlines United Club (Gate B59): Concourse B. Services: snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, among others.  

The Centurion Lounge: Concourse C. Services: premium food, Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, among others.